Saturday, 26 March 2011

Nice James Blake Interview

Pretty nice in depth interview with James Blake on Pitchfork. Touches on a wide range of topics and definitely worth a read.


  1. Really nice interview. Got 'nuff respect for Mr. Blake. He seems to be genuinely just doing what he wants and fortunately it's bloody good.

  2. aww i remember when he would sheepishly ask about "pianostep" on forums, and everyone would be like "huh?" and he'd post some of his tunes and everyone's jaw would drop.

    cheers for the link, i dont check out pitchfork nearly as much as i should

  3. Okay, just read that. He really seems to be a humorless soul, doesn't he? Takes himself very seriously. Sounds like a very large burden.

    Pretty clear that he is an artist confronting the realities of the intellectual and monetary marketplace, and it is wearing on him a little.

    Sounded like he was a bit po'ed. haha. Little bit of a chip on his shoulder. I don't follow reviews and chatter really. Have people been bashing him? For the latest release? I real do hope that it wasn't a cynical cash grab. It may have been. Hope it wasn't.

    Think he is a real talent, can't wait to see what he does next. May not like it, but always good to see someone engaged in struggle, actually alive and fighting. DaMuseBlog gives 5 stars! haha!